In-depth workshops form a key part of the Equilibrium experience, with the purpose of fostering a culture of awareness of the complete musical picture. Workshops address preparation, stamina, focus, mistake recovery and peak performance.

    Phyllis Ferwerda, yoga coach

    Phyllis Ferwerda received her four-year yoga education at the “Saswitha institute for Yoga and Philosophy” in Bilthoven, and specialized in “Chakra philosophy”. She completed courses in breath- and breathing therapy, ayurvedic massage, ayurveda and anatomy/fysiology. Also a pianist and vocal coach, Phyllis has taught singers at the Bachelor and Master’s level of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague for over 25 years, and continues this path alongside her yoga teaching. Since 2016 she created the Yoga Elective for Musicians at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Her yoga lessons are Saswitha-based, with focus on the breath: the bridge between consciousness and the body. Her interests also move towards Critical Alignment Yoga, and she has created a series of lessons specific to Equilibrium Young Artists.

    Jackie Reardon, author and performance coach

    Former professional tennis player Jackie Reardon trains performance artists, captains of industry and elite athletes. Drawing upon her expertise and experience in both professional sports and mindfulness she developed the Friendly Eyes Mindset. This hands-on philosophy teaches how to stay focused on the task at hand without being distracted, learning how to reach your peak performance under pressure and receive tools to achieve harmonious and effective co-operation when the stakes are high.

    Patrick Stanley, T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong instructor

    Patrick Stanley began studying Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan in 2001 with Sifu Martin Kennedy. He was accepted as a disciple in 2006 and then received his teachers certificate in 2010. Starting with the Standard 108 hand form he went on to learn Round 54 hand form as well as Chi Gong, Basic Push hands, and several weapons forms principally the Sword form. Patrick continues to study with Sifu Martin Kennedy and Grand Master Sikung Wu Kwong Yu. Si Kung has always said that one cannot have martial without health. Engaging with Equilibrium will be a great opportunity to extend the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan beyond its martial roots.

    EQ Special Guests

      Reinbert de Leeuw / Amsterdam
      composer, conductor, pianist

      Jesus Noriega Iglesias / Amsterdam
      Casting Director, Dutch National Opera

      Natalie Dessay / Paris
      soprano, actress

      Kevin Connors / Munich
      Solo tenor – Fest, Bayerische Staatsoper

      Kasper Holten / Copenhagen
      Opera director
      Former General Director of Royal Opera House, Covent Garden;
      presently General Director of Danish Royal Opera & Ballet

      Daniel Harding / Paris
      Chief conductor of Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Orchestre de Paris

      Didier Martin / Paris
      Director of Alpha Classics Records

      Hans Abrahamsen / Copenhagen



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