Sunday with Hannigan


EQ Alumni Levi Hammer conducts Barbara Hannigan and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony.

Barbara Hannigan and musicians from the Symphony Orchestra take us to the land of dreams. From Alban Berg’s songs about nightingales, we are welcomed into Fauré’s gorgeous world of sound. After that, we turn to eternity as Hannigan sings in French. 

The evening begins in a modern spirit with the chamber symphony by Schoenberg and Alban Berg’s Seven Early Songs. In his compositions, Alban Berg linked tradition and modernism, and ultimately his interest in numerology and gematria. 

We carry on to French Gabriel Fauré’s gorgeous world of sound, where we can hear how he idolized Beethoven – especially his string quartets. His own string quartet was completed just a few months before he passed away. At that point, he had been plagued for many years by growing deafness, just like Beethoven. 

Ernest Chausson was an early impressionist, overshadowed by Debussy his whole life. Chanson Perpétuelle, “Eternal song”, is about the anguish of an abandoned woman; it is dedicated to soprano Jeanne Raunay. She performed it just after Chausson passed away in the aftermath of a bicycling accident. 

Barbara Hannigan has made Chausson’s song her own and in 2023, she recorded it on an acclaimed album with the Emerson Quartet: Infinite Voyage. 

Gothenburg Symphony

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