Reviews for L’instant Lyrique

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Our EQ Young Artists and Barbara Hannigan have received fantastic reviews for their recital at the Salle Gaveau for L’instant Lyrique. Bravi!

“The young Ema Nikolovska, endowed with a lyrical mezzo-soprano voice with a warm and velvety timbre, opens her singing tour with a dozen melodies by Francis Poulenc…” (trans.)

“The soprano Jeanne Gérard with a very textured, centered and lyrical voice, deploys a radiant high, covered and full of harmonics…” (trans.)

“The performance of bass-baritone Yannis François is distinguished by his choice of very varied and dynamic repertoire, carried with a young and deep voice with great acting qualities…” (trans.)

“Pianist Michalis Boliakis does a great job accompanying the singers, with all his -and their- musical sensitivity, in every breath and inflection, with great confidence…” (trans.)

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