James Way and The Assembled Company: Schütz

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In association with Equilibrium Young Artists, Harrison Parrott’s Virtual Circle presents Schütz’s A Christmas Story. Brought to you by James Way and The Assembled Company,  the performance will include EQ singers Elizabeth Karani, Thomas Elwin and Trevor Eliot Bowes with James Way conducting. 

“At a time when performers and audiences alike can usually fill their boots with musical offerings, this project seeks to support performers through creating a high quality performance opportunity as well as adding a new voice to the musical offerings of the season to serve our loyal audiences.

Inspired by my work with Barbara Hannigan and Equilibrium Young Artists, which also happened to be my last project before lockdown, I wanted to bring some EQ thinking and likeminded individuals together to make some great music at a time when opportunities to perform are sparse.

Using Modern instruments, we look forward to getting to the heart of the music. I hope it will be as much about the process, workshop feel, and the result will be a capture of our work.”

James Way, Tenor and Conductor

This will be a pre-recorded performance from St George’s Hanover Square, London and will be streamed on the 28th December, 2020 at 19.30 in GMT, CET, EST, PST

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