Founded by soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan, Equilibrium focuses on young musicians who are finished with their training and in the first substantial phase of their professional career, with special attention to singers. Equilibrium is suited for musicians who already have professional solo experience.

Equilibrium aims:

  • to mentor young professional musicians in the early years of their careers through intense workshops and performance opportunities
  • to cultivate awareness and skill towards optimum enjoyment and generosity in music collaboration
  • to address preparation, stamina, focus, mistake recovery and peak performance we have joined hands with, author, entrepreneur and maverick life coach Jackie Reardon. Coming from a professional tennis background she has developed unique concentration exercises combined with meditation techniques to develop mental strength through kindness. See
  • through a strong and consistent social media, film documentary, and promotion, to welcome audiences into the heart of our work, using music as an example of beautiful collaboration and community spirit
  • to elevate the level of total musicianship and discipline to the highest level, in which singers’ awareness of the total musical picture is an absolute necessity, and not a rare exception
  • to welcome musicians and audiences alike into the complete picture and sound world of music making, and genuine interest in every aspect of the preparation, rehearsal and performance process
  • to facilitate a channel of communication and understanding between singers, composers, and instrumentalists

My aim is to lead through example.
For over a decade I have given masterclasses internationally for singers, composers and instrumentalists for organisations including the Lucerne Festival, Juilliard School, University of Toronto, Melbourne Conservatory, Institute for the Living Voice, Gulbenkian Foundation Portugal, and IRCAM. I greatly value teaching, but due to a busy and demanding performance schedule I have very little time to devote to this particular way of giving back to the younger generation.

What I can do, is bring young artists into my performance realm, to invite them to share the stage with me, and to learn alongside me.
We will be working as colleagues. I will lead, as music director of the projects, and will mentor the younger artists by providing professional guidance and advice. I will advise, consult and guide in pre- and post-rehearsal situations, but the stimulus for the discipline I am trying to instil should come from within the working environment.

Equilibrium has high expectations: it fosters a culture in which awareness of the total musical picture is an absolute necessity, and not a rare exception. Equilibrium facilitates a channel of communication between singers and instrumentalists in both opera and concert repertoire.

Equilibrium is for musicians who already have professional solo experience. It is not a young artist training program or a first step to gaining experience on stage. Singers chosen for Equilibrium will be of the level that professional orchestras and organisations require of soloists for their concerts and productions.

Barbara Hannigan

Barbara Hannigan is known worldwide as a soprano of vital expressive force directed by exceptional technique.
She divides her time between singing on the world’s major stages and conducting leading orchestras.

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Equilibrium’s first project will be semi-staged performances of The Rake’s Progress with Gothenburg Symphony in December 2018, conducted by Barbara Hannigan.

Equilibrium projects


Last spring Equilibrium held general auditions for projects in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. The casting for the The Rake’s Progress is complete.
A new round of auditions will eventually take place for upcoming Equilibrium projects.

Audition Information & Requirements


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