EQ Summit in Amsterdam

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At the beginning of July, EQ artists met up in Amsterdam for the first EQ Summit. It was a very impactful and insightful gathering: morning yoga and meditation tailor-made for EQ with Phyllis Ferwerda, putting Friendly Eyes into practice with dynamic awareness, focus and meditation exercises led by topsport mentor/coach Jackie Reardon, intensive Q&A session led by Barbara about how we can all approach our coming season, and at the heart of the day, EQ’s special guest, the legendary pianist, conductor, composer Reinbert de Leeuw, who generously shared his knowledge, experiences and innate love of music. 
We are very grateful that the Uilenburgersjoel generously offered their beautiful space for our EQ day.
EQ also wishes to thank Jesus Iglesias Noriega, casting director of the Dutch National Opera, who gave EQ his invaluable time not only for an afternoon of auditions but also for a refreshingly honest interview with Barbara afterwards. 

Maria Stodtmeijer and her documentary crew from Accentus Music were with us, feeling very much part of our team now, as they have been since EQ auditions started in March 2017, for more filming opportunities for their “Taking Risks” documentary on the EQ initiative. 

Trevor Bowes and Aphrodite Patoulidou:
“What a day! Where to begin? What we experienced in the first EQ summit was greater than the sum of its parts. We worked on our bodies and minds, we shared ideas and observations, we listened and learned from people who have amazing knowledge and skills. What we left with was something much more.”

“Throughout the day, everyone in the room was important, valued, immersed and equal.  Everyone, mentors included, was involved in learning, in participating, connecting, opening and growing.  The spirit of this movement is real, positive and inspiring.  The greatest gift we could receive as artists!”