EQ is Everywhere: interdisciplinary artist and researcher Sophia Anna Edlund

S1ngS1ngEQ is Everywhere

Sophia joined us for the EQ auditions in Stockholm and then for the LUDWIG tour last December. She will be with us for The Rake’s Progress: writing, contributing, and learning with the team.

Sophia Anna Edlund is a Swedish interdisciplinary artist and researcher. She is currently based in London, where she is studying an MSc in Performance Science at the Royal College of Music. Her studies are interdisciplinary with a degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh followed by a Masters in Text and Performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Sophia uses the myth of the Sirens’ song as a platform for her artistic practice interweaving vocal and visual art. Sophia’s research interest is centered around the psychology of performance with a particular focus on singer’s mindset, wellbeing, and presence. Constantly seeking new artistic and intellectual challenges, Sophia feels that the Equilibrium project offers endless opportunities for her forthcoming PhD research on the singing situation: The Island of the Sirens/singers.