EQ Intensive in Paris

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EQ will take up residency at the Cent Quatre in Paris in November 2018 for the next EQ Intensive, one week of workshops in preparation for the 2018-19 season.

In-depth workshops form a key part of the Equilibrium experience, with the purpose of fostering a culture of awareness of the complete musical picture. With Barbara leading through example and everyone working as colleagues, workshops address preparation, stamina, focus, mistake recovery and peak performance. This is done through yoga exercises with Phyllis Ferwerda, and meditation and breath techniques developed by author, entrepreneur and maverick life coach, Jackie Reardon of Friendly Eyes.

On the evening of 29 November, the cultural centre will open its doors to the public for a glimpse of Equilibrium in-action via an open workshop and performance.

29 November 2018, 19h30

Information and free tickets about EQ at Cent Quatre in Paris.

EQ is supported by Le Centquatre-Paris, who has generously offered their beautiful and unique space for the weeklong EQ Summit in Paris.

Located in the 19th arrondissement in Paris, the Cent Quatre is a space for residencies, production and promotion for the public and artists from all over the world. Conceived by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès as a collaborative artistic platform, it enables access to all of today’s arts, through a programme that is resolutely popular, contemporary and challenging. As an atypical living area lined with shops, it also offers spaces for free artistic practice and spaces for infants. For the start-ups that are part of its business accelerator, it forms a unique territory for experimentation, at the crossroads of art and innovation.

la halle Aubervilliers